Getting Organized

12 Habits of People with Organized Homes

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  1. Gale says:

    3 month rule? Summer clothes would be thrown away before the next summer!

  2. Judi says:

    yeah, about that three month rule. That means that every winter I buy new winter boots, winter coat, every summer new shorts, new bathing suit. Sounds expensive to me.

  3. Connie Kuramoto says:

    They lead boring lives.

  4. Misti says:

    Getting organized to begin with requires money for the shelving system and bins in which to put everything.

  5. Lynn says:

    Hmm, maybe the more important of them is everything having it’s place. I’ve held onto things for years, yes years, knowing that I would need to use it at some point. Sure enough the other day I used 3 things that I knew I still had. I saved money and didn’t have to go out and get something I had thrown away. I won’t go and replace it because I don’t need it anymore but throwing something away or getting rid of it after only 3 months seems a bit extreme.

    1. Judi says:

      I agree. If I can find a spot to put something there is no need to get rid of it unless I want to.

  6. Trena says:

    I think one point could be added: “They have a place for everything.” – When I find that something is beginning to pile up, it’s because I haven’t created a designated spot for it. Once I do, that pile doesn’t gather anymore! My husband and I recently (in the past few years) have gotten into skiing, and have gradually bought all the gear that is associated with that. It was starting to get everywhere since we try to go nearly every weekend, so we got gear bags that go in our hall closet (grab and go), and got a wall rack to put in our garage to get our skis off the floor. It makes a huge difference!

    I do agree that many of these are repetitive, but sometimes that’s what a person needs ;)

  7. Vicki says:

    Great points! I do agree that some points might be a bit repetitive, like the ones about purging and donating. Also, despite another comment, people who think carefully about purchases do still have to purge, especially if you have kids, it doesn’t mean that the item wasn’t a good purchase at the time, it just may be outgrown, or related to a hobby you no longer enjoy, or maybe you were gifted something better and no longer need it. Also, clothing does get worn over time and may need updating, but may still be useable to someone else. I especially agree with labeling and not letting things pile up.

  8. Barbara Fryhover says:

    ENTER YOUR COMMENT HEREI have been working n my home for about 7 months.It is so much better now

  9. We are working very hard to be an organized family. I have purged and organized the past few years and it has made a huge difference. This year we are going more in-depth and I am sharing the journey on my blog.
    Instead of referring to it as clutter we have decided to call it chaos because my phone looks organized but as a family we still feel chaotic.

  10. Delia says:

    Great advice….easier said than done!

    1. Pradha says:

      Not a very useful article. Most points are repetitive. Instead of 12 you could have said 4 habits. Also while being selective in purchases indicates clear thinking, frequent discarding and donation speaks of wasteful purchases and lesser reuse of stuff.
      Anyway, point taken, discipline helps in staying organized.

  11. Heather says:

    It’s amazing how most of this stuff applies to me! I never considered myself organized, but when someone violates one of these rules, I go bananas!! :-)

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