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12 Smart Ways to Declutter Your Home & Keep It That Way!

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  1. Landra says:

    I love the donation box been using it about 6 years now, I keep one in closet and another one in living room closet. If I take something down to wear and it doesn’t fit then I just fold and place in closet box. I have turned all my hangers backwards, the end of June I will take down every item I have not worn in the last six months and donate it. As I wear things and wash I turn the hanger the correct way, then I know what to keep.

    By using boxes and turning hangers makes cleaning out closet much less stressful less time consuming. It works!!

  2. Laura says:

    Thanks so much for this info. Perfect timing. I was feeling overwhelmed today trying to purge. I tend to think of everything I have to do instead of concentrating on one area. Thanks again!!!

  3. Dunway says:

    From a bachelor: There were actually a couple of pretty good tips here. And not the usual ones that are always recycled on every other “How to de-clutter…” articles.

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