How to Save Money

15 Things You Should Stop Paying For

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  1. Kaos says:

    Oil changes: I’ve been getting oil changes (both DIY and professionally) for a lot of years…decades even.

    Yeah it sounds like it’s smart to do your own oil changes but once you add up the cost of oil ($2-$3 per quart times at least 5 quarts) and the cost of a filter (about $5) and something in which to dispose of the oil (about $5) you have already spent $20.00. Add in the initial cost of an oil filter wrench ($5) and the value of your time, it is overall cheaper to get an oil change pretty much anywhere.

    They can be as cheap as $15.00 especially if you have a coupon, plus when they change the oil most places check your fluid levels on everything else and top them off. If you were to check all of your fluids you wold have to buy all of them. Also many places do an “oil and lube” for a decent price which saves you the time and cost of getting the grease, the grease gun, etc.

    If you are shopping anyway and the place has an auto care section (Sears, Walmart, etc.) you can drop off the car, get the oil changed while you shop and basically “kill two birds with one stone.” Plus you don’t have the frustration of doing it yourself or asking/waiting for someone else to do it for you. This is one area that it is not cheaper to do it yourself.

  2. Sam says:

    You talked about saving money by using rags and washing them but then you talked about water overages! You also have to think about how much of your time you are saving by hiring someone to mow your lawn, my husband is at work sometimes 70 hours a week, so I don’t want to waste 2 hours of his time home on him doing the grass, its worth spending the small amount of money!

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