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21 Secrets to Saving Money at Target

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  1. Amber Edgar says:

    I just tried to get the mobile offers by your instructions.
    The instructions were to text the word OFFERS to 827438.
    Well I just tried and the message I got in return said, ” We don’t understand OFFERS, please check your spelling. Reply STOP to cancel or contact (800)-440-0680.”
    Do you have any other word or way I can find out how to start getting the text offers? I am new to Target shopping and couponing but I absolutely LOVE Target now and LOVE getting any extra savings I can from them.
    BTW….I loved your post on 21 ways to save at Target and the 15 Deald under $1.00 @ Target…..I’m in love with your posts….but especially those and any others that mention Target. Thank you for all your dedication to showing everyone how to save a little extra money and doing the “leg-work.” You are AWESOME!!!!

  2. Martha says:

    Since the pharmacy has switched to being CVS (this last January), the 5% off after filling 5 prescriptions program (aka Pharmacy Rewards) no longer exists.

    If you really want to stack up those gift cards for later, they can be combined onto 1 after the transaction where you earn them. In my experience, the hardest part of that is finding a cashier that knows how to do it, the process itself is easy.

    Otherwise, it’s Cartwheel offers, not coupons. That’s just a technicality though.

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