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Disney Dinner Plan: Is the Dining Plan Worth it?

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  1. amy says:

    Although the DDP is a slick marketing move, it is a terrible value. Gratuities are no longer taken out of your credits, you must pay for them yourself…and they are automatically calculated. Also, on the plan you receive expensive desserts at lunch AND dinner…adds to the check total for sure! Whereas several years ago you did not have to worry about the price of menu items, now you do. You can very easily end up having to pay a gratuity in the price range of $30-$40 dollars for dinners….every dinner of your trip. (and let’s not forget about gratuities at lunch) That cost adds up quickly! If you would like to “pre-pay” your meals for a Disney trip, please, do yourself a favor & simply purchase Disney gift cards. They are sold at lots of grocery stores, Target, etc. This way, you can control your spending, have meals pre-paid, & not stress out about the Disney Dining Plan.

  2. Sonya says:

    This is the best review of the DDP that I have read. We considered it for our trip next year but when we added up the per day cost of what we would spend we would never buy enough food to make it equal to the cost. Unless there is an offer for a free dining plan during the time we go, we will pay out of pocket. It will definitely be more cost effective. Also the comparison of $50 of savings, I know it’s really not worth it for us and our eating habits.

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