Do It Yourself

DIY Drain Cleaner

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  1. Becky says:

    I used this today and IT WORKS!!! The gunk and hair just foamed up and I wiped it out!! I’ve shared this with all the boards I follow and I just hope the pinners try this! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. mbr says:

    I believe I read s/where that this could/can also burst your pipe… any truth to it??? They suggested to mix the baking soda & vinegar in the tub, let the fizz settle down & then rinse the tub… any suggestions, advise, comments, &/or inputs in this matter???

  3. Trisha B. says:

    I just wanted to say that this really does work.I have been doing it for quite a while now and it’s just as effective as store bought drain cleaner,plus it only costs about $1.50 …give or take a little depending on where you buy it.I buy the store brand and it’s just as good.Great tip for everyone looking to save money for the New Year!

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