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DIY Weed Killer

DIY Weed Killer
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  1. Joan Mohr says:

    ENTER YOUR COMMENT HERE. Will this weed killer kill anything else …like shrubs or perennials?

  2. ERin says:

    Will this hurt/kill the grass around the weed I’m killing with this mixture?

  3. Daddyd2x says:

    I have yet to try this and have a couple questions.
    Does it kill the roots or just the surface of the weed?can I substitute regular white vinegar?

    1. Passion For Savings says:

      I probably wouldn’t make substitutions as I haven’t tried that but you could always try I just don’t know if it will work or not. It should kill the roots too.

  4. Mary says:

    Does this kill the grass around it too?

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