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Facebook Live: My Favorite Deals This Week 9/16/2019

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  1. Laurie says:

    The Pringles deal doesn’t make sense to me. The offer is 3/$4, but the coupon is $1 off 4. The Ibotta rebate is for 3. How do you figure the 4th canfor the coupon? Also, the Progresso Organic isn’t included on the sale at my store so the 75 cent coupons don’t work. Is it included at yours? The Annie’s Organic is on sale.

  2. Carly says:

    For the CVS vitamin coupon… Is the $2/$8 coming out of the machine when you scan your card?

  3. Nicole ussery says:

    Hi ! Do u have a link for the PDF for the list? It just says “click here” but i didnt see a link.
    Nicole U

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