FREE Trial Of Philo TV Streaming Here! 7 Days FREE & NO Credit Card Required!

Philo Streaming
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  1. Marcie says:

    I was so excited to try this I went straight there to sign up. Unfortunately, they did indeed require my credit card information in order to get the “free” 7 day trial. I put in my phone number but instead of receiving a text with a link, it took me directly to the next screen asking for my credit card. Which, they assured me, wouldn’t be charged until 7 days from today unless I canceled before the close of business of the 7th day. It was too good to be true, alas. However, I’m seriously thinking of signing up; Philo TV has gathered the very best of all cable channels all for one flat rate of $20 per month, cancel anytime. Can’t beat that. Thanks for the tip on this great service; I just wanted to correct the “no credit card” part.

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