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How to Save Money | Make Your Mascara Last Longer

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  1. Nina Perez says:

    The water in the saline solution has saline which is a sterile solution of sodium chloride (salt) which is a preservative and has been used to prevent meat from rotting in ancient times when there was no refrigeration thus costing more than gold. So, yes putting regular water in your used mascara will cause problems BUT this is not regular water. THIS IS SAFE TO DO AND IT WORKS.

  2. Lynn Lawrence says:

    Do NOT do this. Mascara is formulated with preservatives for THAT formulation and does not intend for water to be introduced to this degree. You can cause BLINDNESS by doing this. The water in the saline solution will cause the preservative in the mascara to become of no effect. Infections can abound!

    1. Carolpeedie says:

      Sounds like Lynn sells/works for/represents cosmetic industry in some way ;) My mom, sisters, friends have done this forever: add a little saline solution (from my contacts; have also used just plain water) and it works wonderfully. Never had a problem. Ever.

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