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How to Use Staples Easy Rebates & Staples Rewards Program

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  1. Darren says:

    After having a Staples rewards account for years and wondering occasionally why I never seemed to get any rewards, I finally researched it and realized my rewards kept expiring because I didn’t spend enough in a month. This month, I recycled some ink cartridges, and I finally actually have rewards! Hoping I don’t have any problems redeeming them.

  2. sally says:

    I have had a lot of problems with Staples rebates. The people in the store do not really understand how it works, so they may give you wrong information. I found that when I bought some paper with which I was supposed to get a rebate on March 30, I got no rebate because it was less than $10 and the quarter expired the next day. Even if it had been $10 or more, I would not have gotten it because it takes several days for a rebate to post. So the lesson is, if you are close to the end of a quarter, forget it. There is no way you can get the rebate. Personally I think it amounts to false advertising when they put up a sign about a rebate that is impossible to recover. I have had other transactions that got so tangled up with errors on the part of Staples, they finally sent me a check — but the check was made out to another person! It took another six weeks to get that straightened out.

  3. aneri says:

    if i got 100% back in rewards for purchasing batteries, and if i use those rewards to buy, say, printer paper which is also 100% back in rewards, then my oop total for printer paper will be $0. in that case will i still be getting 100% back for buying paper, though i have spent nothing oop?

    1. sally says:

      I did the same thing, but only got rewards credit for the cash I paid, not for the portion paid with rewards. And it was less than $10 so I never actually got it. The way to do it would be to use the rewards money for something you will not get rewards on and then do a second transaction using cash for the paper on which you will be awarded rewards.
      They have made this program so complex that event he employees don’t understand how it works.

  4. Jessica M. says:

    For the rebates, how long until the rebate comes in the mail?

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