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How to Watch Your Favorite Shows Without Cable

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  1. Rachel says:

    You didn’t list streaming options like the Roku or similar products. There are literally hundreds of viewing options that are either free or low cost.

  2. jackie m says:

    My problem is that a certain cable co. is the only option for the internet right now in my area. Because of the laws this has caused any smaller internet providers to close business or are only catering to business and that costs way more than cable. This cable co. does offer internet only option, but the speed is so slow that it is almost impossible to watch a show (and that being only device I can use at a time). So I am forced to use a package that offers a limited cable (that I hardly ever watch) in order to get a slightly faster connection, that is still really not acceptable…I can barely be online with my computer and watch netflix at the same time. But I almost exclusively use Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and now streaming the free networks on my I phone/computer/ or Kindle Fire. ..Sure wish I could cut out cable completely!

  3. Robyn says:

    Our issue are there no good options for sports! As the only female in an all male house, this a HUGE issue!

    With that said, we still cut the cord last week. We could not justify $90 a month w/ a rate hike on the way & we had the basic package!

    My guys love pro wrestling & they recently created a whole network to stream that 24/7 for $9.99. I don’t love it but they do! We live 10 min from where the Detroit Pistons NBA play & can get great deals there. We are doing Netflix & Hulu and the guys will go to a sports bar for those “can’t miss” games.

    I almost never watch TV so it killed me everytime that bill came!!

  4. What about sports channel says:

    What about sports channel

  5. Claudia says:

    You left one out, HULUplus, it is a great option and costs the same a Netflix. I have both and love them

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