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How to Make Your Own Orange All-Purpose Cleaner

make your own orange all-purpose cleaner
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  1. Terra says:

    Hi! I can already smell the freshness of this cleaner! yay! The question I have, though, is will the peels mold or rot? Should we leave the lid off so that they can dry or put them in the fridge to keep them from building mold until we add the vinegar?

  2. Emilie says:

    Was wondering about the date you were talking about putting in the jars, how long is this mix good for? Thanks :)

  3. Chrystina says:

    I’m going to try this! Did you know most cleaner’s spray nozzles will fit on the glass vinegar bottles? I just run a little warm soapy water through it to get out the cleaner left in the nozzle and then put on the vinegar bottle.

    Thanks for sharing!

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