What I LOVE on Amazon! Doritos, Cottonelle, Tide Pods, & MORE!

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  1. I am so happy that I found this app. I had no idea I would or could find these types of bargains. Thanks Amazon!

  2. I tried to use this service and went to the coupon page, clicked on “most popular coupons” and the majority of items I clicked on to clip a coupon on the this page said “coupon is not currently available. Please try other coupons.” The whole first row said this…other items I wanted were twinings tea all flavors 20% off, downy, bounce or gain fabric sheets $2.00 off, hefty trash bags,kellogs cereal, kitty litter, the list goes on and when I called cust service and was on hold with a very nice woman “Jessa” while she researched on and on, at the end she told me they were out of these items…which is not true because I go the site and there is a lot of twinings tea available and the kellogg’s special k red berries, just as examples …absolutely ridiculous and a waste of my time…there is obviously some sort of glitch…

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