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  1. Renae says:

    We started a year ago with our daughter. She’s 6 now. But at 5, she was able to basically clear the table from meals, water plants, sort recycling and then when we took it to the recycling center she’d pick one section and put in all the items (she preferred the plastics), feed the dogs, bring in the mail, etc. We switch up her chores quarterly so she doesn’t get bored – or as she grows up, she can take on more responsibility. Currently she cleans windows, wipes down the dinner table, dusts, puts all the Wii gear back in the Wii basket, folds the throw blankets we use in the living room, helps with meals (she can break spaghetti and put it in the water, add spices to the spaghetti sauce, arrange the biscuits on the tray, shuck corn on the cob, snap fresh green beans, crack eggs, etc.) and this is a great help to me. It’s also teaching her some valuable domestic skills. She is also sweeping the dining room with her broom, picking up trash in the yard, cleaning the bathroom (she really cleans the sink and wipes down the toilet), and she takes all the small trash cans and dumps it in the big trash at the end of the week. We also put a “Special” line at the end for when she does things like cut watermelon in small cubes for a baby shower or event at church, she also made cookies to take to some shut-ins at our church , so when she gives her time to a ministry, we reward her with another small sum. Making money really motivates my child and now she understands that is how I get MY money.
    P.S. At the end of the quarter (which was yesterday for us) we go thru her closet and drawers and find clothes that don’t fit. When she donates her clothes or consigns them, we give her a percentage of that. We really want to focus on being “givers”, too. She did save enough in her “GIVE” bank last year that she donated $60 herself for the Jump For Heart and got a video message from a 6 year old who is in the heart program at a hospital where our funds were going. It was nice for her to see some children in need and then help them.

    We also encourage indoor and outdoor helps. This summer, she helped wash the car, water my hibiscus, hose down the porch, clean out coolers, sweep the garage, make sure the outside water for the dogs was fresh and cold.

    I can’t wait for the day she’s old enough to iron. :)

  2. hilaryc says:

    My kids fed our cats, too at age 4. Now they are 9 and 7 and they unload the dishwasher, clean their own bathroom, place their dishes in the sink, sort all the family’s laundry, feed their fish, sweep the kitchen floor, wipe counters with clorox wipes, put pictures in photo albums, match mis-matched socks, dust and drag the recycle bin and trash can to the curb.

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