Extreme Couponing

How to Save Money with Rainchecks

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  1. Pamala Renaud says:

    If you have a coupon that is expiring, and the product you want is on sale but not availabe, explain that you have a coupon that you want to use, but it will soon expire. Both Publix and CVS have stapled my expiring coupon to the raincheck with a note explaining that the product was not available but had a valid date when I tried to buy it. There was not a problem using the expired coupon at Publix on the next shopping trip. I was told that the coupon would be useable for a month from the expiration date with the raincheck. I haven’t tried to use the CVS coupon because the product still isn’t in stock. Hopefully it will be as easy to redeem as the one at Publix.

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