Caramel Apple Fruit Pizza Recipe!

Caramel Apple Fruit Pizza Featured
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  1. Tasha M. says:

    This was not only delicious, but it also was beautiful to look at! Sorry, I didn’t think to take a photo to prove it before it got demolished at our pizza party..!
    I did tweak some things, though:
    -Because I decided this was gonna be my last-minute potluck contribution, my grocery store only had chocolate chip cookie dough on the shelf, and so that’s what I went with!
    – Because our pizza party was gonna be pretty big, I pressed the cookie dough on parchment paper into a cookie sheet instead of a pizza pan. So it was more like a “slab” pizza.
    – In the cream cheese mixture, I decided to leave out the powdered sugar because it just sounded a bit too sweet for my taste. I also added some dark chocolate syrup to the mix!!!
    – I don’t care for pecans much, so I used dry-roasted peanuts instead.
    – I drizzled some of that dark chocolate syrup to top the pizza along with the caramel syrup.
    It turned out REALLY GOOD! And the sweetness was just right!
    Thank you for sharing! I’ll definitely be making this again!!!

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