How to Save Money

How to Save Money on Diapers

how to save money on diapers
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  1. Vickibeth says:

    I’m 19 weeks prego with our first. I’m all about couponing and getting deals, but what I don’t understand is how you can stockpile without knowing what brand will work best for you? I’d love to do Honest Co but at 40 cents a diaper, that’s expensive. A friend advised that I start with cheaper brands and only move “up” if there’s an issue. But what if there is an issue and I have hundreds of dollars of Pampers and then the baby can’t use them for some reason? I’m concerned about having a stockpile that is wasted? Any advice?

    1. Passion For Savings says:

      If you are concerned with that you may just want to try a brand by purchasing a small package and if you realize it works well you can start stockpiling then even on larger sizes. Maybe even try two brands and see if they both work you can look for great deals on either one. You may find some diapers work better for your child than others.

    2. Elizabeth says:

      I’m all about getting the best deals on diapers and making sure my babies are comfy when I had my first born I only bought the best but now that I’m on my second I’ve become alot smarter!just a lil advice all the diapers end up in the garbage anyways lol!just a lil note I love huggies (lil movers)the best! But their expensive best deal I’ve found is at costco!and CVS has good deals for diapers not all the time but u can catch good sales also I didn’t really start using huggies until my second started crawling so I used luvs until then their also cheap and cab usually find coupons in the papers!hope that helps a lil on what to buy but I wouldn’t start a stockpile until you figure out what you like that’s forsure!

  2. Kelly Evans says:

    Buy cloth!

  3. Jenn says:

    I LOVE the Walgreens’ brand diapers (Well Beginnings) and have been buying them ever since my little guy began to reject his cloth diapers (sad day!). He doesn’t leak at all overnight, but he also isn’t as heavy a wetter as my first child who had to have special “overnight” diapers cuz he leaked through EVERYTHING. But the Walgreens diapers are perfect for #2. They work better for him than Pampers and just as well as Huggies, and better than most other store brands (Kirkland and Target do really well too). The best part is that Walgreens usually has their brand on sale at least every three weeks for B1G1 free or 2 for 13 or 2 for 12. Whatever the sale, I have gotten packs for everything between $5-$7 each. Also, when using coupons or sale prices, be sure to calculate the price per diaper. Usually it turns out to be cheaper to buy several smaller packs than the one large box of diapers.

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